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What is Halal Gourmet Japan?

The understanding and knowledge of Muslims in Japan is still quite limited.

Many Muslims, whether visiting or residing in Japan, express concerns about finding halal food options. Halal Gourmet Japan aims to alleviate these concerns by providing detailed information on restaurants and food shops, making it easier for Muslims to enjoy dining in Japan.

We would be delighted if visitors to Japan could appreciate the seasonal scenery, savor delicious meals, experience the local hospitality, and grow fond of Japan. We are committed to enriching our database with more establishments that enable Muslims to dine worry-free.

What does HALAL mean?

The term "HALAL," in Arabic, signifies "permissible" or "lawful." It is a concept deeply rooted in Islamic law.

The interpretation of "HALAL" can vary from person to person and is not something non-Muslim Japanese can definitively define. Hence, Halal Gourmet Japan uses pictograms to indicate the measures each establishment has taken, allowing Muslim customers to make informed decisions.

Although the provision of HALAL services in Japan is still evolving, there is a growing willingness among businesses to accommodate Muslim guests. We encourage our users to appreciate the diverse approaches and philosophies of the establishments featured on our platform and to enjoy their dining experiences in Japan.

History of Halal Gourmet Japan

Our journey began after meeting a Muslim in Southeast Asia.

Traveling with them, we realized the difficulties Muslims face in finding suitable dining options. This inspired the creation of Halal Gourmet Japan - a platform dedicated to helping Muslims find restaurants where they can enjoy meals without concern.

Since our launch in July 2014, Halal Gourmet Japan has become a trusted resource for many.

We've received a wide range of feedback, from words of appreciation to constructive criticism. We are fully committed to enhancing our services to address these concerns and invite you to continue supporting Halal Gourmet Japan.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer a search API for developers creating online services and applications. If you're interested or wish to reproduce or reprint any information from our website, please reach out through our inquiry form.


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